Oscars, what else?

It is possibly my favorite time of year (besides Christmas)..... awards season!  I love all the awards shows, from the Golden Globes to the SAG awards, but let's face it, there is nothing like the Oscars. We have gotten together with the same couple for over a decade now and I look forward to it all year! We have cocktails (of course), appetizers, spend a lot of time critiquing dresses and speeches and we do the ballot thing.  I admit, I am very into it.  I spend the whole week before explaining to my kids that there is no talking ("like the movies") and try to emphasize that "this is mommy's Super Bowl" and "it only happens once a year."  I love the glamour of it, and of course, I am a HUGE movie fan so I love when they do the tributes or lifetime achievement awards.  I am known to cry at the better speeches and tributes.  And I usually win the ballot contest!  However, this year my older son, who is also a huge movie fan, has decided to challenge me so, we will see!

And, sometime in the few weeks after the awards show, my girlfriend and I will go to FIDM to see the costumes displayed in the Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit.  Every year they display the costumes from several Oscar nominated films.  It is amazing!  And really highlights the beauty and artistry of movies for me.  Beautiful clothing AND movies.... it's the perfect day for me:)

How will you spend the Oscars?


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