Rainy Day Dilemma

I have been in love with Hunter rain boots for awhile now.  So this Christmas when DW asked me what I wanted, I asked for those.  They are one of those things that, though I was sure they were worth the expense, I just couldn't get into going into the store and spending around $150 for something that I will wear in L.A. only a few times per year. Now, for me, the BIG question was... what color?  Have you seen how many cute colors they come in?  I'm sorry.... To. Die. For.  I was back and forth between bright pink (fun, happy), army green (traditional), bright red (LOVE!), yellow (classic) and basic black (not nearly as fun, but, let's face it, wearable with a lot more outfits).  Now if I had unlimited disposable income, I would have gotten all five, but alas, that is not so.  I hemmed and hawed and looked on Pinterest at outfits for inspiration (see? I do use it for reference!) and went back and forth between what is practical vs. what seemed more fun.  Because of this delay in decision making, I have not gotten my Christmas gift yet.  So, what do you think?  What color(s) should I choose????


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