Spring Trend Forecast 2014

Spring Trends!!

It's that time again!  Spring is in the air (especially here in Los Angeles where we have hardly any winter at all, and I do not say this in a good way) And though I know we need more winter (here in LA that translates as more rain!), I am so looking forward to spring dressing. While working on some research for my shoot for 805 magazine, I have been looking at and reading about all the spring trends. While there are many being reported, I would like to concentrate on the ones that I think are really here to stay and are more wearable (for instance, crop tops are back in a big way but I will not be wearing them and I don't think they are great for those of us over 30 so I am skipping those!) Here are the ones that keep coming up and that seem to have some actual staying power:

Pink (in any and all shades, often together)

Black and White (this was here last spring as well, actually)

Painterly or "Artsy" prints (this could be everything from paint brush strokes to graffiti, on pants, bags, you name it)

Pastels (this seems to come back every spring!)

Is there anything better than dressing for spring, with it's pastel colors, floral prints, easy breezy dresses and umbrellas in our drinks?


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