Friday Favorites - Lemon Love

Today I thought I'd share a favorite food of mine. And since I'm sure you wouldn't know this, I will share this as well. I am a jam person. My refrigerator is full of different flavors of jams, jellies, marmalades, and preserves. When I go to gourmet food stores or farmer's markets, I am almost always drawn to the homemade jams. So, today I am sharing a favorite jam with you. A marmalade to be exact, the difference being that there is no pectin used, they are cooked longer than a jam, and they are always citrus based. And very British. I first read about this product in Gourmet magazine. They had a great column every month called "Larder" in which they would espouse the qualities of different food products. The month that featured this particular marmalade was full of a plethora of mouth watering specimens. From grapefruit, to blood orange, to lemon. This one sounded particularly good to me though as it used Meyer lemons. These are no ordinary lemons, no siree. They are extraordinary. If you are not familiar with them, they are sweeter than regular lemons owing to the fact that they are a cross between a regular lemon and a Mandarin orange. They also have a beautiful slightly orange-y color. Anyway, I digress. This Meyer lemon marmalade is particularly delicious. Sweet, tart, and unbelievably, mouth-watering-ly, spectacularly lemon-y.  It is divine on toast and homemade English muffins, and I'm sure it would work swimmingly on scones as well. (I might just have to test that and get back to you).

The marmalade is from Restaurant LuLu, a wonderful Provencal style restaurant I went to in Sonoma (I believe there is one in San Francisco as well). However, you can purchase their products directly from their website, The Blood Orange marmalade is also very good. They also make Meyer lemon curd, Blood orange honey, different mayonnaises, mustards, seasonings, etc, none of which I have tried but since the restaurant was so good, I'm willing to bet the other products are pretty tasty as well.

Bon Appetit!


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