Joie de Vivre

I was recently introduced to the wonderful sneaker called the la Tennis l'originale by Bensimon. This canvas tennis shoe is ubiquitous there, often called "The French girl's Keds." Frankly, I don't know how I was not aware of these before. They are simply adorable. In my opinion, they are the perfect balance between sporty and stylish, while also giving off an undeniable French vibe. Just looking at them makes me want to walk around the shoreline of the French coast while wearing capri pants and a scarf tied jauntily around my neck. They are made from natural fabrics and real rubber, and can be washed in the washer - a definite plus when it comes to canvas shoes! Not only that, they come in an array of fun colors, with laces or without. Now I just have to decide which one!

                                                      Loving the versatility of the grey

But how cute are these limited edition colors!

Bensimon canvas sneakers and other products are available on Shopbop.

Have a great week!

Au Revoir....


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