March 6, 2014

Pleats a Plenty

I have become completely obsessed with the spring trend of pleated skirts.  It all started with my 805 Living spread that I worked on in February.  I put the model in an Alice + Olivia hot pink chiffon pleated maxi skirt, and though that skirt is totally inappropriate for my life, I loved it!

Then, I saw these on Pinterest furthering my obsession even more....

Cut to a few weeks later and I've now seen them in every store in town, on WhoWhatWear, and featured in Spring Trends articles.  Funny that I would decide that this is something I have to have when, a) I don't even wear skirts that much, and  b) they seem a little dressy for the life I lead (even when I am working/styling I don't usually get that dressed up!)  Anyway, I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately trying to find the "perfect" one (would prefer gray or beige to a bright, has to be chiffon, not wool, and midi, not maxi).  Here's what I've found so far...

This beauty from ASOS

The Alice + Olivia skirt that started it all, but in blue (pink is sold out)

And this one which is sold out!

I will continue to shop because I've now convinced myself that I will use it!  I love the idea of making it more casual with just a t or sweatshirt.....


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