Flat Out Fabulous

One of my very favorite looks is pointy toed shoes, both flats and pumps, though today I'm going to talk about flats. As a mom and person whose job it is to shop (read; walk all day), I am almost always wearing flats. So you can bet I have been very excited to see that pointy toed flats are having a bit of a moment these days! There has been a plethora of new styles and one of the ones that's hottest for spring is the "d'orsay." For those of you who don't know, the d'orsay is a shoe in which the sides of the shoe is cut away, revealing the arch of the foot. They are everywhere these days and as I've been wanting some new flats for spring, I knew I had to add a d'orsay style. The first d'orsay that I was aware of was by Jenni Kayne, a designer with a huge celebrity following. She does one adorable style in a multitude of colors (the leopard is particularly cute) but they are prohibitively expensive ($450). Here is her shoe in a great hot pink:

So, since I didn't want to spend $450 on a shoe that is a trend I'm not sure will stay around, I set about trying to find something equally cute, but less stressful on my wallet. Here are a few I like:

Via Spiga "Valencia"

Dolce Vita "Agusta"

Jeffrey Campbell "Smitty"

Ivanka Trump "Loire"

I haven't tried on the others but I did try on the Ivanka Trump in the leopard at Nordstrom today and it was so comfortable. I don't know if that's true of all d'orsay, or if it's just this shoe, but it was very, very wearable. Very soft leather and no rubbing in any of the wrong places that can often happen with flats. I could see myself walking in it all day, no problem. Guess I just might have to go back to Nordie's this weekend and treat myself! (And for those of you who are interested, it also comes in black and gold)......

Happy Friday!


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