April 1, 2015


Normally I would not consider myself a "gingham person" (whatever that is) but somehow things have changed. It all started last Spring when I decided I had to have a black and white gingham shirt. I'm sure this was due to some pin that I saw on Pinterest, but nonetheless, I searched for weeks before I finally found one as there was not a lot to be found last year. Cut to Spring 2015 and lo and behold, gingham is now "in"! I have seen it everywhere and in all kinds of forms. Mostly black and white, but some navy and red have popped up as well. And this is not your grandmother's gingham! These pieces are stylish, and this classic pattern feels new again (as long as you don't wear it head to toe... though I've seen that too!) Personally, I really prefer it in black and white or navy and white. There is something just so clean and fresh about black and white together for Spring and this puts it all in one package! Here are some inspiration photos:

gingham / cardigan / denim shorts: simple, elevated with a great bag and chunky necklace!gingham and leopard

Zara Crop Black and White Gingham JacketBlack Gingham and Olive Khakis - Alterations Needed

See why I wanted a black and white gingham shirt?!  Really, such a cute look.

Now, here are some finds from what is out there this year.....




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