Dying eggs is something I have always looked forward to, ever since I was a little kid. Sometimes I think I like it even more than my kids do! However, this year my daughter and I decided to do some special, more "crafty" dying as her brother is away in D.C. for spring break. Maison de Cinq is actually Maison de Trois, at least for this week. So, we decided to try two different ideas. One was to use household items (ie; electrical tape, string, rubber bands, etc) and do different designs on the eggs, dye them and then remove the items leaving white designs on the otherwise colored eggs. The other was to do marbleized eggs, which we've actually done before but I think is so cool that I wanted to try again. Here is how some of them turned out.....

Dyes all ready to go

Regular eggs we did first

Some marbleized and some where we used string

My two favorite! (Love the marbleizing... whoever came up with this is a genius!)

A few where we used the tape and/or string

Happy Easter!

And Happy Spring!


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