Friday Favorites -Vintage Watches

This Friday I am sharing my love of vintage watches! I have loved these forever.  I think I will always love them.  It all began when I stole my dad's old one when I was in college. He had a Longines from the '50s that he hadn't worn in years. Since then I have purchased a few more and a couple for my husband as well (which I've also been known to steal from time to time!) I love their lines, their faces and the fact that they are not on every other person you see. Some are particularly beautiful, for instance I love old Rolexes and Cartiers (though I have yet to buy either of those!) And yes, some brands are super pricey, but you can still get several brands (Elgin and Longines are two that come to mind) for a decent price at antique stores, flea markets and even on Ebay. Previously, I only gravitated to the men's (I love the oversize look, and the women's vintage watches are just too tiny for me). However, I've now seen a few of the dressier, slightly larger womens and they are just stunning.

For a few hundred dollars you have something beautiful, original, and a piece of history. And they are an heirloom that you can then pass on to your own children......

Happy Friday!


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