Layer Up

Remember when just a couple of years ago the big trend in jewelry was the "statement necklace"? Big, chunky necklaces that stood out because they were oversized. One was all you needed. Well, now, it's the opposite! Layered jewelry is the look of the moment. The necklaces are delicate and are usually combined in twos and threes for a statement, but one that is more subtle than what you get with one large necklace. The thing that I love about this look is it's ability to go anywhere and be worn with anything. They are at once dressy but casual, edgy but classic. They look equally good with a dress, a suit, or a t-shirt and jeans. In fact, I love them best with a white men's style shirt and loose distressed boyfriend jeans. The jewelry dresses up the casualness of the jeans, while the jeans take the necklaces down so they don't come off too dressy. To help you get an idea of the look, here are a few photos to inspire.

This one is adorable! Love that each chain has a special/different shape

This one has a bigger/thicker necklace as the third one - I like it 

This one breaks the mold with a thicker/chunkier one in the middle. It looks great though. 

This has the classic bar necklace in the middle 

This top one is chain only, and the third one has some vertical dimension with the long horn 

This one uses four very effectively. I like that the first three are fairly close together with the last/fourth hanging much longer.

Classic! Again with a bar or horizontal in the center and the vertical one being the third/longest

The classic (and easiest) way to pull this off is to start with a choker, follow with a bar necklace, and finish with a long pendant. But as you can see, you can really put your own take on it and it looks amazing! Love, love, love this look! Hope it will stay around awhile!


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