May 5, 2015

Spring Fashion Trends 2015

Spring has sprung! At least here. Hot as heck one day, and breezy and cool the next (sometimes both in the same day!), that is a typical spring in L.A. I wanted to talk about Spring trends for 2015 and share with you a few that I think are more wearable, and as such, have potentially more staying power. One thing I never want to do is go out and buy something(s) that will only last the one season! Frustrating and wasteful. So here goes.....

WHITE (sometimes White-on-White):

Though one would think that white is always a part of spring and/or summer dressing, this year there seems to be a particular emphasis on the color. White accessories, white clothing... white, white, white. Any white is good, head-to-toe is even better!


Yep, culottes! These have come and gone several times during my lifetime (I believe there is a rule about not wearing anything that you've "done" before! Does that apply even if you were a kid?)


I love this one! Shirt dresses are so comfortable and wearable. They can be dressed up or down, and they are universally flattering. I think they will definitely last a few seasons and I would consider them a staple. So if you've never tried them before, give them a whirl now!


The denim, and "denim-on-denim" trends are still going strong and of course, denim is blue. However, this trend focuses on more than just denim and extends to all the other blues. Aquamarine, classic navy, bright blues....really, blues of any hue.

So... which of these Spring trends will you embrace (if any?)




  1. You know you are old when you recognize every single one of these trends!! Oh my culottes were popular when I was probably in the 4th grade...don't tell!!

  2. Haha Cindy, I love that! I've certainly seen culottes before but we aren't telling right?!


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