Thoughtful Sunday - Memories

I was running today and a song came on that I've always loved. There is a line that always makes me pause....

If dreams are like movies, 
then memories are films 
about ghosts.

It's a bittersweet line. And especially apropos this week as it was the anniversary of my father's death. Sometimes I think of childhood and I am happy and nostalgic. But other times, I am more wistful. My father is fading in my memory now. In my head he is as he was when I was young. Those films play in my mind and it is like watching ghosts.

I miss him more than I ever thought I would. I wish he was still here. But what his death taught me, is that none of us is here forever. We should treasure those we love. Tell them how we feel everyday, and tell them again. Because if we don't, and they leave before we've said it enough, they can't hear us anymore.

Tell someone you love them today....


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