June 10, 2015

Black and White All Over

Is it my imagine or am I seeing a LOT of black and white lately? I know it's a classic, and always popular in Spring, but this year, it's really speaking to me. Which got me thinking. I have always loved the look. You know I love stripes, and gingham, both of which come in black and white, of course. But I really love the idea of black and white together as separates.

Black sweater, white jeans 

White sweater, black jeans

Black jacket, white tee 

White jacket , black jeans

Black top, white skirt

White blouse, black skirt

White sweater, black pencil skirt

Black sweater, white mini

LOVE the black coat with white jeans!

Black and white. So chic, so timeless, so classy. There is really nothing like it.


1 comment:

  1. Love black and white in fashion and interiors! So classic!


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