June 18, 2015

Evolution of a Dining Room

I've been meaning to talk about my dining room for awhile now, but to be honest, I'm a little embarrassed to share photos of my own house. I look at home/decor blogs all the time, and one of my favorite things is when I see the blogger's own house, yet I hesitate to share my own. I'm admittedly wary of putting myself out there and I'm not sure how tough-skinned I am! It's also a little embarrassing when so many of the houses I look at it look so good! However, part of what I really want to share on this blog is my love for decor (I love decorating even more than I love fashion) and to do that, I know I need to share my own house. So here goes!

I am in the middle of trying to find fabrics for the family room ( I shared how I'm changing to blue as my accent color in this post) but what I didn't share in that post is all the other things I am trying to do in the rest of my house. One of them is updating the dining room. I have been searching for dining room chairs for a few years now. And when I say years, no, it was not every day, or even every week. I would search for awhile, and then get busy and drop it. Or start working a ton and not have time. Or get discouraged because the resources for antiques are pretty slim here in Southern California (I wanted vintage, not new). But I found some this week! I can't tell you how excited I was to find a set of six vintage chairs! The dealer said they were French, however, they look slightly Swedish to me. Either way, I'm happy. I've been wanting a chippy/distressed white chair to go with my dark wood table as I like the contrast.

Here is the "before"

Excuse the mess as this was one year when I was putting out Christmas and using the dining table as a holding place and it was the only photo I could find of the room. You can see the dark tan/gold paint (walls are now Muslin by BM, that was done a couple of years ago). Also, notice the swags are gone. I was not into them anymore so I just removed them. I plan on replacing the side panels with cream linen, hopefully soon. And I changed the old way-too-small chandelier at the same time that we re-painted. But back to the chairs! What I had was old, hand-me-downs that were Mid-Century Modern. Soooo not me!! I can't believe I had them as long as I did, but at least they are finally gone! I know it has a way to go, but I think the room looks so much better.

I still need to get the table re-finished as it's in pretty bad shape (it's vintage and has several water rings on top). And I'm thinking of switching the buffet and the china cabinet and seeing if I like that better. I know that painting is too small for that wall, but I like it and it might just work better on the other side. And of course, the carpet has to go, but for now I feel so much lighter and brighter, like I went on a diet (only better!)


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