Seagrass Simplicity

We have been due for new carpet for several years now (too many, actually). We should have done hardwoods in the entire house when we bought 15 years ago,  but we were gutting almost everything and in order to try to save a little, we did the hardwoods in the entry way, family room and kitchen areas, while settling for carpet in both the living room and dining rooms and the upstairs. I know, wall to wall carpet is horrible. No one is more aware of this than I! But even worse, is that when we re-finished the existing hardwoods 3 years ago, we chose not to add the hardwoods to the downstairs areas (we didn't consider the upstairs as my husband was afraid it would be too loud and not as cozy). Again, the refinishing was expensive and we were trying to save money.... Cut to now. The carpet is old and needs to be replaced. I would love to have wood in the entire house, but at this point, with so much else to do, I would settle for carpet in the upstairs and just adding the hardwoods downstairs. But of course, it's not that easy! We would most likely need to re-finish the floors again in order to match the rest of the downstairs, and that adds even more cost to an already costly item. So... I'm thinking wall to wall seagrass! I had never heard of that until a couple of years ago when I read about it on the blog Cote de Texas. Apparently, it is very big in Texas! But here in California, I had only seen seagrass as an area rug, never wall to wall. But I have to say, it is the perfect solution. It's way better than carpet, is very inexpensive, and honestly, I love the look. (Wish I had known about them when I was buying carpet 15 years ago!) The texture is great (love adding texture to a room), and I love the way they take down the dressiness of a living or dining area. Also, since I already have seagrass rugs in the nearby breakfast area and family room, it will tie together nicely, I think. Here are some of the rooms that have inspired me...

It looks amazing in bedrooms, I think!

So ideally, we will go with the wall to wall seagrass in the living room and dining room downstairs, and then the entire upstairs. If we decide to bite the bullet later and spend the money, we can just add the hardwoods to the LR and DR, while leaving the seagrass upstairs. I really love the look in the bedrooms and hallways, and I do like that it insulates sound somewhat better than if we did wood upstairs. Stay tuned!


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