Thoughtful Sunday - In Honor of Fathers

We honor all fathers on this third Sunday in June. But I especially want to honor two of the best fathers (and men) I've ever known, my own father and my husband. It is especially bittersweet for me since my dad passed away a few years ago and I no longer have him here. I think of him often, but especially on this day since he is no longer here. Of course I now think about whether I thanked him enough, or did enough, or said enough. So, in honor of all that he did, for all that he showed me, and for making me (part of ) what I am today, I thank him. He was taken too early and I miss him still.

But as sad as I am to think of my own father on Father's Day, I am beyond happy to honor my husband. He is simply the best dad I know. For all that he does for our kids: for his wrestling, tickling, basketball-playing, homework-helping, furniture building, sports cheering, coaching, reprimanding, guiding, shuttling, cooking, grilling, morale building, morals teaching, and loving, I am so thankful. I feel so lucky to have picked someone who is such an amazing dad! He spends so much time with them, which maybe because of my generation, I didn't have with my own father. And he is such a big part of their lives. I hope they know how lucky they are!

Happy Father's Day to my dad, wherever he may be, and to my husband, a man I love with all my heart. You are the kind of dad this day was made to honor.

Happy Father's Day!


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