Friday Favorites - French Demijohns

French Demijohns. I'm sure you've seen them. In the last couple of years, they have grown in popularity, to the point where even Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have sold them. Ballard Designs even had a reproduction version. The word "demijohn" is a corruption of the word "damejeanne",  a term used for a large, globular bottle, usually covered in wicker. It is thought that perhaps its shape suggested a stout woman in the costume of the period. Wherever the term came from, they are large, narrow necked antique or vintage bottles, usually from France, that were used to store wine. They come in clear or different shades of green, sometimes covered in wicker, sometimes not. Often times the wine name was painted on the outside, or written on small paper labels (love that!) I first saw them in the magazine Country French a few years ago, and I fell in love. They are charming. And for me, they have a special connection since my husband and I love wine so much. I especially love filling them with corks.

Love when they have the writing on them (I have a similar one that says Merlot)

Love the little tags on these - so cute!

Below are some examples of the ones covered in wicker, love the texture these add to a room.

They are wonderful in a grouping on a console table or mantle, especially when you mix the plain glass with the wicker versions. And they look especially great on top of an armoire or cabinet (this is how I first saw them displayed).

Here they are on top of a cabinet in Donna Temple Brown's kitchen (one of my favs!)

And here are mercury glass versions (Had never seen these before, but they are beautiful!)

This is what I am dying to find, one with the original little paper label!

Happy Friday!


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