Lantern Love

I know others have blogged about the virtues of antique outdoor lanterns before, but I just have to weigh in. I first fell in love with them in this kitchen when it was featured in a magazine a few years back. I didn't even realize that they were originally French outdoor lanterns, I just knew that I loved them.

I absolutely adore the kitchen, and the lanterns just take it over the top. Here is a close-up of the lantern.

Does it get any more gorgeous than this?!

They are so beautiful, and they add such depth to a room. They can literally change a room from ho-hum to truly gorgeous. They are especially great in pairs in a kitchen, usually over an island. But they work in a dining room, family room, entry way.... really anywhere you want to add some character.

Beautiful here used in pairs in the kitchen

Here Joni Webb used one in her family room

Again, the charming pair over a kitchen island

Used here in an entry way, it is truly the focal point of the room

I love the black lantern against the brick walls

This breakfast room is an old favorite! Love the greens of the antique lantern which tie in with the room

And here Donna Temple Brown uses one in her non-traditional kitchen

Another great lantern used in a non-traditional kitchen!

Of course, the antique ones are quite pricey, but since they are so trendy now, you can find reproduction oversized lanterns that do the job for a pretty decent price. Here are a few I found online:

Shades of Light

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs

Shades of Light

Shades of Light

Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn lantern is a great buy as it is huge, but it was actually too big for my space. Shades of Light is actually a great source, and I loved the galvanized one above but the size wasn't quite right for my room. I ended up going with the Ballard Design's one. It gives a great look, and for the size, you really can't beat the price.

Previously I had no overhead in this room (just the recessed lighting) and I think it really helped pull the room together. Not only does it add some greatly needed charm and character, but it ties in the black table that is in the room as well. So glad I finally bit the bullet and ordered it!


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