Thoughtful Sunday - Summer

I wait all year for summer, as if I am still whiling away the days in a classroom. I still think the term "beginning of the year" means the month of September. My summer memories of my childhood are so clear and deep, it is as if they were yesterday. Remember how every year there was that "Song of the Summer"? The one you knew all the words to and was over played all summer long, but for the rest of your life, it reminds you of summertime all over again?  Summer. My mind thinks of the smell of Coppertone, smoke from a neighbor's BBQ, walking around barefoot, swimming in my best friend's pool until our fingers were wrinkled, or running in the sprinklers on the grass (this was my family's "pool"), and the feeling of freedom that accompanied those short three months. That's what today feels like. Bright sunny skies, "summer" music playing, a slight breeze in the air.....

Have a wonderful Sunday (and Summer)!


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