Friday Favorites - White Jeans

Traditionally, white jeans (well, white anything, actually) were only worn in summer. "No white after Labor Day" was a rule that women followed religiously. As you may know, these rules no longer apply. White jeans, white shoes, white bags, can all be worn all year. It's just a matter of what you pair them with. And though I will always love white jeans in summer,  I have become a convert to wearing them all year. They have the ability to brighten up grays, look amazing with browns and tans, and of course, always work with classic black. Plus, you get more use out of them that way!

I'm absolutely in love with this white and gray combo!

The always classic white with black

Here's a great interpretation of white on white using a chunky sweater and whites that are more "winter white" in color

The classic summer pairing

Stunning grays and neutrals with white jeans

Love them with browns and camels

White with gray again!

And again! I just love this combo!

Beautiful neutrals


So the next time you are searching for something to wear, break out those white jeans. They are definitely a year-round staple!

Happy Friday!


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