August 11, 2015

Fringe Benefits

I was going to wait to write about the fringe Fall trend as we got closer to September, especially since I'm doing a page of "Fringe" in the magazine for that month, but I COULDN'T WAIT! Fringe is back. And it's back big. And though it's not something I like a lot of, a little can be amazing. Take for instance, shoes. Some of the fringed heels out there make you look like you are wearing a small Chewbacca, while others add just enough to be fun and sexy. I don't know about you, but I like the trend much more in accessories than I do in clothing. I fell in love with a couple of sandals back in the Spring (this trend actually started then) and that's what got me obsessed about actually getting a fringed sandal for Fall. What I love about most of the fringed sandals is that they are suede, which seems very "fallish" to me. And though the Aquazurra sandal below was adorable in both the red and the yellow; the grays, blacks, and browns these new sandals are coming out in seem much more seasonably appropriate.

Inspiration sandals...... (sigh).....

Aquazurra Wild Thing sandal (to read about my love of Aquazurra shoes click here)

Brian Atwood Luciana suede fringe sandal

Now, neither of these beauties above are available anymore since they sold out in minutes. However, when a trend hits, the RTW lines almost always produce some amazing items that either fully copy or are at least inspired by some popular designer items. Here's what I came up with:

I ended up getting both the Louise et Cie above and the Steve Madden with the tassel, both from Nordstrom and I couldn't be more excited. Cannot wait to wear them!!


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