Mad about the Midi - Yes or No?

Let's talk about the Midi. This skirt length has happened before (several times, in fact) and though it was hinted at as far back as last summer, the trend actually seems to be taking hold now. At first I was not at all sure about it, but I must say, it's growing on me. There is something very elegant about it, and more importantly, it is flattering on almost everyone. I'm not sure why, but it seems to be more common in a full, circle skirt as opposed to a pencil skirt. This look is such a chic statement, and I love how feminine it is. And if the length seems a little scary after so many years of near or above the knee, start with just a couple of inches below the knee (again, universally flattering) rather than halfway between the knee and the calf.

Perfection! Love the white with the leopard, and the shoes tie everything together.

LOVE THIS! Simple. Chic.

Jessica Alba doing a ballerina version. This photo is so beautiful, it was literally all over the blogosphere the week she wore it.

I love this because it shows how the midi can go more casual with a simple blouse and flats.

Very elegant for an evening out.

OP, looking perfect as always.

Ballerina skirt version again. So feminine and pretty.

This dress is seriously amazing!

I love this! And the sandals keep it edgy.

Here's the leopard again! This could go anywhere; out to dinner, to a party, to drinks after work, or even to work, depending on the locale.....

Anthropologie Tandy skirt
I think you can see that they are everywhere! I found them in every store, at every price point. You really know they are a trend that is here to stay when every website has "Midi" as a category under skirts! There is one out there for everyone - I'm especially fond of the pleated or full but I also like the suede or leather versions which are frequently pencil style/straight. 

So what do you think? Will you try the trend, or wait it out?


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