September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites - Capes

One of the biggest fashion trends talked about for Fall is the cape. They are back! Capes and cape "style" coats are super hot right now. Not only are they incredibly chic, but also practical for anyone who lives in a place that doesn't get that cold in the winter (like me:)). It's more stylish than a coat, but also because the arms are not completely covered, it allows for some air flow when you don't need to be completely covered up. Plus, I'm sorry, is there anything more elegant than a cape?

They are in multiple stores now, and at various price points. Personally, I think Zara and J. Crew do them very well, and they are not a fortune. But you really can find them everywhere!

I've ordered a couple to try at home and I can NOT wait to wear them (cool weather come on!!)

Happy Friday and Happy Fall Shopping!



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