September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites - Lace it Up

I don't know if you have all seen the "It" flat that came out this Spring, but it is so cute! And right up my alley. It's flat, it's pointed, and unbelievably stylish. I first started seeing it on Instagram and Pinterest this Spring by several designers (Aquazurra started the trend, but Jimmy Choo also did a version). And because it was so popular through Spring and Summer, I predict it will stay around for at least the Fall. And, now high street has jumped on the bandwagon, and it comes in all price points (thank goodness!) Does it get any cuter than this flat with a pair of jeans?

Love them in white with the black jeans and black leather jacket

Classic black on black

Really cute here in an unusual color!

They just add so much personality to an otherwise simple outfit 

They look great in pale colors, too

And they work just as well with shorts as they do with jeans

I have to have a pair!! And since I don't want to spend $600, I looked for some more reasonably priced knock-offs.....

I really wanted the M. Gemi's above as they are the closest to the original designer versions and I really like that they aren't so busy with more lacing. However, they didn't have my size so I went with one of the Top Shop versions - fingers crossed!!

Now get shopping!



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