Friday Favorites - White Pumpkins

I don't know about any of you, but I certainly never saw a white pumpkin when I was growing up.  I think one of the reasons I was not big on decorating for Fall and/or Halloween for the longest time was the whole orange pumpkin thing. It just didn't mesh with my colors or my decor and so, although Fall is my favorite season, I really didn't put out that much or buy very many pumpkins. The orange was just a disaster with all the blues and greens in my house, and really bad with the reds in my family room. Now it's a different story. I cannot get enough of white pumpkins! I love that you can decorate for a holiday/season, and yet do it in a neutral way. The white pumpkins go really well in any house, with any color scheme. They look great with natural elements, but they also work with silvers, or gold, or rusty iron if you want to go that route. I usually start early in September with white pumpkins, and then as we get closer to Halloween I add some black elements, especially on the porch. My Halloween decor is all black and white (no orange anymore). Then, as soon as Halloween is over, I go back to the all white, sometimes incorporating some organic/natural elements like pinecones or greens as we get closer to Thanksgiving. The white pumpkins look especially good in a white kitchen, or mixed with the other Fairytale pumpkins that are out now or gourds of different shades.

Stunning tablescape!

Love the white and green pumpkins piled up at this home's entrance

Absolutely love them with the brown transferware

Love the white mixed with the green and a more toned down orange Fairytale pumpkin

Here they look amazing with just the green/blue pumpkins (love this!)

This door decor is absolutely stunning!

Wonderful idea!

Happy Friday! And Happy Fall!


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