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For this Friday Favorites, I thought I would do something a little different. There are so many blogs out there, and quite a few that I follow that have inspired me, so instead of recommending a product or something that I love in fashion or for the home, I thought I would recommend a blog. Of course, I'm starting with the biggest home design blog out there, so most of you probably already know it! But the reason I have to start with it, is because of what it did for me.

Joni Webb's breakfast room

As a little background on me, I loved interior design starting in my mid-20's. I began subscribing to shelter magazines and had a blast decorating my first "alone" apartment (all in Z Gallerie, of course!) After that, we bought our first house and I fell in love with antiquing and Shabby Chic and relished in the shopping, buying, and antiquing that went into putting our first house together. But then, after we bought the house we are in now, I had two children very close together (in addition to already having a 4 year old) and, quite frankly, the fashion and the house purchases/decorating kind of took a back seat for awhile. It wasn't that I didn't still love decorating, I definitely did. I still subscribed to magazines, and I still shopped some, but having 3 small kids kept me so busy that it just wasn't my first priority anymore. Then, as the kids got older, I got introduced to blogs (something I didn't even know existed!) and my life was a little less busy, and I took a look around my now very dated house, and I woke up!! And the first blog that I really read, and liked, was Cote de Texas. Cote de Texas is written by Joni Webb, a decorator who lives in Houston, Texas. And unlike most bloggers, she is very into thorough writing and very informative posts that give you everything you would ever need to know about whatever subject she is writing about - really! She does posts on different interior decorators, decorating styles, trends, "before and afters", and houses for sale. But my favorite posts by far, and the ones I think everyone who is into decorating/design need to read, are her posts titled "Top Ten Design Elements." She touches on the Top Ten things she thinks are the most important elements in any room. And this is the important part. Even if you disagree with what she thinks are important, the posts themselves are just so thoroughly written, and researched, and include so many inspirational photos, that they are worth reading for those reasons alone. When I first started reading these, I was not only printing out the photos (this was before Pinterest existed, mind you) but literally staying up until 1a or 2a in the morning re-arranging accessories, pulling down drapes, and moving furniture, as I was so inspired!

Her first in the series of Design Elements is "Linen" and the above photo is an example of one of the photos from that post. And this is indicative of how gorgeous her photos are! She introduced me not only to Seagrass (I think that's Design Element #2) but also designers Carol Glasser, Sally Wheat, Donna Temple Brown, and Tara Shaw, just to name a few. She has been such a source of inspiration to me. I cannot recommend her blog enough, especially this series. She has another series, Top Ten Designers, that is also wonderful, and which I also recommend.

Cote de Texas Breakfast Room

I feel like her love for design re-awakened my love for design, and that is why I love her blog so. She is so influential that if you "google" her name or her blog name, a million photos come up. Not only her own house (which is gorgeous) but every photo she has ever featured. Some of the biggest Pins on Pinterest are ones which she introduced the world to, literally.

And, as a little Post Script, Joni recommends many blogs on her sidebar (as many of us do) and those are very good as well. I found many of the other blogs that I read, from her recommendations!

Check it out. You will be reading, and pinning, for hours!!! You can find Joni's blog here.

Happy Friday!


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