Friday Favorites - Leopard Love

There is nothing like a pop of leopard to brighten up an outfit. I tend to favor it in accessories rather than in actual clothing items, but I like it either way. And it adds so much to even something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt.

The leopard clutch adds just the right amount to this jeans and black blazer look

Even in this casual outfit of denim on denim, it gives it the punch it needs without overpowering everything else

And there is nothing like a great leopard pump!

Adorable casual leopard bag 

I love that it can go dressy or casual, all depending on what you put it with. It looks great with it's natural partner, neutrals.

Love it with this cozy oatmeal sweater

Here, the almighty Valentino Rock Stud pump adds punch to an otherwise neutral outfit

Here she uses a leopard scarf to mix with her neutrals  

Great bag!!

Again, the bag adds so much to this neutral coat and scarf. This outfit wouldn't be nearly as cute if she'd used a neutral bag

Olivia Palermo using leopard pumps to perfection

And of course, it looks amazing with black!

Love, love, love a leopard flat!!

Here Blair Eadie uses it in the pump and the bag and it works perfectly

Scarf again! This time with a black dress. 

And it works beautifully with white. Which is a great way to incorporate an otherwise Fall-ish item into your summer wardrobe!

Here it works with black and white, and a pink shoe!

Super summery with a white skirt

Great with a white trench coat (this could work for Fall or Spring)

And I love it with white jeans!

But by far my absolute favorite way to use leopard is in a coat or jacket. In these cases, the coat is the outfit!

I think this is the pin that made me run around like crazy looking for a leopard coat like this one!

Denim, black leather, and leopard - perfect!

And how cute is this?! One of my all-time favorites and a look that anyone can achieve.

When I first read the comment that "leopard is a neutral," I wasn't all the way sure I agreed. However, I've come around! It is! It looks good with neutrals, denim, black, and white, obviously. But take a look below! It looks amazing with red and even works with green! (Love it with the green!)

A leopard belt is a great accessory to own if you don't already

It's especially big this Fall (though I suspect that is true every Fall!) so it's easy to find. Here are just a few pieces I found while browsing around......

 Banana Republic



Neiman Marcus



Banana Republic

J. Crew



There is more out there, this was just me giving you a sample. So many cute pieces! And though I already have a few leopard items, this is making me want a few "seconds"! And while we are on the subject of leopard, it can be great in interiors too (of course, that's a subject for another blog post!)

Happy Friday!


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