October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites - Pumpkin Candle Favorites!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love anything pumpkin! From any and all pumpkin desserts (cheesecake! pie! ice cream!) to pumpkin butter and pumpkin bread, to candles.  I love the smell of pumpkin and all the warm, cozy spices that go with it. There is truly nothing like the smell of pumpkin pie baking, or a pumpkin candle wafting through the air. So, because of my (slight) pumpkin obsession, I have purchased many, many pumpkin candles over the years. Some have been too sweet, some too expensive, and some just not quite right. However, I now have two that I think are so perfect, I may never buy a new one again. So if you love pumpkin candles as much as I do, you will be so excited to have found these. I think these are the best out there, and both smell amazing!

Both candles are by Illume, a company that makes quality candles made of soy and has many wonderful scents (one of which I talked about here). However, their Heirloom Pumpkin is truly the best. It has quite a bit of spice in there with the pumpkin, lots of clove and cinnamon. This scent is available online and in many boutiques and specialty stores. The second is called Pumpkin Souffle and is a little sweeter and warmer than the Heirloom. This one is in a specialty line called "Boulangerie" that is made exclusively for Anthropologie and is available only at their stores and on their website. I often burn both of them to create a layer of scents, but truly, either one is delicious!

To order Heirloom Pumpkin online, go here

To order Pumpkin Souffle online, go here

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Gotta drag my harvest pumpkin stache out...I love the first one ...one of my favorites!

  2. Hi Sheila, Thanks for stopping by the blog. Lovely to find yours too.I I have to check out that pumpkin candle from Anthro. I love the Boulangerie brand - the packaging and smells are so nice. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Kim


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