Friday Favorites - Gone Fishin'

A fisherman's sweater is a Fall favorite for me. Traditionally, these sweaters had complex cable knit patterns and they were made out of scratchy wool so that the Irish fishermen who wore them stayed warm even when they got wet from sea spray. Of course, today they are made out of softer wools, usually merino, and they come in more colors and different styles, such as turtlenecks or cardigans, but the practicality remains. The winter white color, the classic style, and the coziness factor just speak to me!

I know most people think of wearing them with jeans, but I also love them with white wide leg pants (going for an "all winter white" look), under a blazer, or with a skirt. Using them in an unexpected way works really well.

So unexpected here with the black leather pants 

They are a natural with plaid - so Fall-esque!

Perfect with this plaid blazer!

With heels and ripped white jeans.

The perfect fall outfit!!

And they are adorable with cutoffs - think walking the beach on a late fall afternoon.

Here's that all winter white look

And the perfect tree trimming outfit!

They can be found at the traditional retailers like LL Bean, J. Crew, and Brooks Brothers, but places like Zara and H & M also usually have variations.

J. Crew



LL Bean

Lands End

Have a great weekend!


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