Thoughtful Sunday - Darkness and Light

My heart is heavy with grief for all those in Paris who were affected by the events that took place on Friday. My thoughts are with that city, the victims, their families, and the perpetrators. And yes, I did say perpetrators. Because they are victims too. Victims of propaganda, and of hate. I'm sad to know that we live in a world that can produce that level of hate. But I also know that nothing can end hate as quickly as love.

In a tragedy it is easy to see only bloodshed and grief, to let darkness take over. But less us also remember that people are good, truly, really good. People from all over the world showed signs of solidarity and unity. Taxi drivers turned off their meters to take people where they needed to go to be safe. Within hours a Twitter hashtag was created, #porteouverte, which in French means "open door." Strangers let other strangers sleep on their floors, eat in their kitchens. People opened their doors and their homes to people they didn't know. They showed a belief in the good of humanity, and by doing so, were a force way stronger than a single act of terror can ever be.

So let us grieve for those who were killed or injured. And let us be sad for the senseless violence and loss of life. But let's not lose hope. Let's fight, but let's fight with tolerance and love. Because only tolerance fights ignorance. And only love fights hate.


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