Friday Favorites - Wreaths

There are so many things to love about Christmas - from the music, to the lights, to the tree, but I must say, one of my biggest loves, is wreaths. They are such a welcoming sight hanging on a door; there is nothing that sends quite the same message. I love that they are old-fashioned, yet modern at the same time. There are lots of wreaths to love, but the simpler the better for me. If they are adorned with a simple ribbon or a few natural elements, that is beautiful; I just don't like too much to distract from their simple beauty.

Wreaths look so amazing on black doors! Love the contrast!

I've never seen a double wreath before but I love the idea! So dramatic!

This is just exquisite.

This wreath is adorned with artichokes and a green plaid ribbon. Modern, yet still says "Christmas."

Of course, they look just as great when they are used inside 

Simply stunning! (from Dreamy White Lifestyle)

Traditional hanging over a fireplace.

This double wreath is so beautiful!

I love when they are hung on a mirror....

Or on furniture....

I especially love when wreaths are placed on each window facing the street so that when you drive by, they just say "Come on in and stay awhile!" Love that look!

Really, is there anything more inviting or delightful than the sight of this house?!

Only a week to go! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season and all the joy that goes with it!
 Happy Friday!


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