Simple Greens

For many years when I was younger and my husband and I were first married, I put out a lot of Christmas decor. I usually bought new items every year, and even worse, I started some sort of "collection" every few years as well! I had "Santa" collections, and "Snowman" collections, "Mr. and Mrs. Claus" collections... well, you get the picture. Then, about 10 years ago I decided all of it was just a little too busy. My tastes had changed. I was older, had had several children, and my taste had grown up (or I like to think so!) So I got rid of some of the collections, and things I wasn't crazy about anymore and purchased some new items and changed things up a bit. Well, this year is like that year those many years ago - I feel a need to change up my Christmas decor! Not dramatically, just a little "refreshening." The main thing I want to do is take all the red from the living room and dining room decor. I don't have a lot as I've been weeding it out the past couple of years anyway, but there is still some. These rooms are slightly dressier than the family room/kitchen area, so I like the Christmas decor to be a little dressier as well. I'm looking for a natural mix; mostly greens, with some creams, tan, silver and gold in there as well. I love that this mix is a little more sophisticated, yet it still says Christmas.

Just lovely! Love the green tree with only gold, tan, and cream ornaments. 

Golds, greens, and silvers here along with white poinsettias - my favorite!

Here Lucy Akins of Craftberry Bush uses natural elements like pine cones and feathers. These work especially well with all the greens evoking a "in the forest" feel.

One of the prettiest entries I've ever seen!

Another favorite entry! Isn't it amazing what greens going down the banister can add to the space?

Love the matching wrapping papers! I've never done this, but I'm very tempted to try it this year!

Here Lisa Ruby Ryan uses pears with the greens. Simple and stunning. 

Greens, golds, and tans, with pine cones again.

Beautiful mantelscape! Using pears again.

All different shades of greens are featured in this room.

Gorgeous dining room! Again, pine cones are used along with the greens and creams to add texture.

A favorite.

Love the mercury glass trees mixed in with the greenery.

Don't get me wrong, I still love pops of red at Christmas (and I will still have it in the more casual kitchen and family rooms), but I don't think it's missed at all in these rooms - they are gorgeous! So far I have changed out the last couple of red stockings we had, and I'm loving the result. Not sure at all what I will do about the tree though! Our ornaments are all individual and very special, so taking out all the red on the tree might not be do-able.... we'll see!

Also, I have some big news! I've been invited to share in my very first Holiday Home Tour! The blog The Avery Grace will be hosting bloggers starting next Monday, December 7th and going all week. I will be featured on Wednesday! I'm so excited. The post will be here on Maison de Cinq, of course, but if you pop over to The Avery Grace any day next week, you can see some great Christmas decor and inspiration!

Hope to see you next Wednesday!


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