Friday Favorites - Outdoor Living

I have to apologize about not writing very much these last few weeks. Between the holidays and trying to clean out and organize in the New Year, I have gotten a little behind. I haven't written a Friday Favorites post in awhile, so thought I would start with that today. You may be thinking "Outdoor Living"? Well that's not very seasonally appropriate! And frankly, you would be right. However, we are contemplating re-doing our backyard and since I would need to get estimates and be ready to go in early Spring for it to be ready for this Summer, it's actually the perfect time for me to be looking around at outdoor living areas for ideas.

I love this! We already have a white wood patio cover that would stay, so this is certainly achievable.

I'm loving the brick here! It's so traditional, and frankly, the cost is very low so it's a serious consideration for us.

I noticed this has been pinned about a million times! Hard to see what's around the pool, but I like the vines growing up the pergola.

REALLY want to add an outdoor fireplace! It would have to be one like this, though, unattached to the house.

One of my very favorite courtyards - ever!! (Brick again!)

This has always been a favorite! I like the floors (limestone?) and the built-in wall fountain.

This is realistically something we could do. 

This is so lovely! And it's brick:)
Pretty landscaping here. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday!


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