January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites - Pop of Color

For my money, there is nothing like a great coat to make an outfit. You could be wearing something so simple, and having a dramatic or colorful coat can make the difference between an average outfit and a 'wow' outfit. In fact, if you pair it with jeans or neutrals, the coat is the outfit. And in the winter, with rainy, or cold, or just plain dreary weather, it's great to have that pop of color to add life to your outfit, and your mood!

Red is a very traditional choice and looks great with denim.

Love this look with the leather pants and casual sneaks!

But I love other colors too. Yellow, green, pink (the "it" color of coat last Fall), or even plaid all look amazing!

Olivia Palermo rocks a colorful coat quite frequently; this yellow one is a great example of how much it brings to an outfit.

OP again, this time in a dramatic green color that I would love to find!

This coat is TDF!!

Especially love this Zara plaid one.

I was wanting a bright coat last winter, but never really found one so I am on the hunt again! J. Crew does a really nice coat, and they always come in an array of colors but they do sell out quickly. Here are some ideas to get you started (if you are inspired!)

Kenneth Cole (I do love this plaid!)

Hope you all have a warm and cozy weekend!



  1. Sheila,
    That first yellow coat would be my first choice, love the details on an otherwise tailored coat. I have a purple (I know, it sounds overly bright but it's really not) that is a favorite when I want to dress up simple black skinny slacks and a white blouse. It sounds like we'll need a good coat this Sunday.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I agree with you on the houndstooth one...love! I have a few wool coats that I switch back and forth from. I especially love my red pea coat. Almost every time I wear it, someone is like, "hey great coat!".


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