January 24, 2016

Thoughtful Sunday - Knowing

I spent the past 10 days working with only one day off, so needless to say, I was missing my husband and kids so, so much. I do enjoy my job (mostly) but I never love the hours of being away from these three that I love with all my heart. So when my husband left me a sweet note today saying how glad he was that I was home now, that me being back made everything right, it brought me to tears. I am feeling so lucky to have this family, and to have them love me just as I am.

Hope you are spending your Sunday with those you love.....



  1. Sheila,
    What a sweet husband. Happy for you to be enjoying a wonderful Sunday with your family. We enjoyed the weekend babysitting our very sweet 1-year old granddaughter. The best!

  2. I love when we are gone. It really makes them realize how much we make things feel like home.. At least that's what my guys say. So sweet of your husband! Love the quote too! xKim

  3. That's so sweet. Saying it is one thing, but writing a note....that's even sweeter. I love the quote!


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