February 13, 2016

Friday Favorites - Think Pink

I have friends who hate pink. They hate the color and will not wear it. I have to admit, that is not me. I definitely wear pink. What can I say? I like it. I know the bubble gum variety can be cloying, but in the right shade, it can be downright sophisticated. That's the key. Use just a touch. And it is universally flattering! Pink makes everyone look good, and what's wrong with that?!

I'm not usually drawn to hot pink, but when I saw this I started looking around for a jacket in this shade! Love it mixed with the black and ripped jeans.

Pale pink jeans mixed with neutrals.

Love this pale pink top!

Great pink jacket. Again paired with black and white.

The must-have coat of last Fall! I was literally on a mad hunt for a pink coat. Love this one. 

Love these dressy shorts! (You can read my post about that trend here).

And though I've always loved to wear pink, I've never thought much about pink in decorating. Yes, I love it in a girl's room, but elsewhere? Pink in a living room? Not so much. But after it was declared a trend in 2015, I started seeing it in magazines more and more. And again, when used in moderation, it can be more sophisticated than you'd think.

I think this living room is beautifully done. Design by Kate Forman.

How gorgeous is this dining room?! By Suzanne Kasler (LOVE her dining rooms!)

Via House Beautiful.

Love these slipcovers! And the pink mixed with neutrals is subtle and tasteful. Design by Ladye Kay Allen.

This pink and grey living room is downright sexy. Via Jacques Grange.

Designer Suellen Gregory.

This home has just a few touches of pink, mixed with bright yellow. Love this! Design by Shannon Bowers.

When I went looking for some ideas to share with you regarding pink, there were so many! I literally could have filled a whole page! Here is just a sampling of what I found (*Please note that I've included some affiliate links for your convenience).

Macy's (how cute is this?!)

Banana Republic (So cute! And it's on sale!)

Equipment  (love their blouse! And its on sale too!)

SJP (on sale!)

J. Crew (on sale!)

Adorable coat by J. Crew!

So cute! And it's Target!



  1. I ADORE PINK.......am toying with painting my kitchen PINK!
    Read once it makes you HUNGRY!There was a beautiful BLUMS connected to MACY's in my youth that was all PINK even the booths you sat in!
    Now are YOU the SHELIA who mention me as the CAPS Lady on the BLOG HAVE SOME DECORUM???
    The comment was sent to me by another READER...........LOVED IT IF YOU ARE!

  2. I love pink in clothes, especially the pale ballet slipper shade. Our master bedroom was painted that shade years ago---yes, my husband is comfortable with is masculinity! :-) But I don't think I could go there today. The subtle touches in the images you've shared would be as far as I could go...maybe during spring.


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