Friday Favorites - Black Doors

My absolute favorite look for a house is a black front door and black shutters. When we painted the outside of our house a few years ago, we painted the outside of our front door black and I couldn't be happier. Now my dilemma is the inside. I am seeing interior doors painted black more and more frequently, and I'm growing to like the trend. Designers love this trick for adding panache to simple, builder's doors (mine) and several bloggers and friends of mine have done it. I'm torn though, as the inside of our front door is still wood/brown. Funny, because I used to subscribe to the design advice that "Every room needs something black," and until recently, I had something black in most of the common areas. However, as I've gone lighter, and brighter and more pared down, I removed all the black as it was just feeling too heavy. I guess that's why I hesitate to go with the black is I'm worried it will feel too heavy in the room now. I know I'm not going to paint all of the interior doors black (I don't think that's quite "me") but I am toying with the idea of painting the interior of the front door. I'm torn between leaving it as is, painting it white, or painting it black. Usually when it comes to paint I'm of the "go ahead, it's only paint!" team, but with black, it's not quite that easy to go back! It is definitely more of a commitment!

Just love a black door!

Clean and classic.

But should the inside be black too?

I was leaning that way until I saw the photo below. It's very similar to my (presently) brown wood door, and it is pretty!

Or, I could go with the traditional white. But once I paint, there is really no going back to the natural wood. All that stripping is not my cup of tea!!

We are getting a new front door in the next few months, so I will have to make a decision shortly! At least I am sure about the front!

Happy Friday!


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