Friday Favorites - The Neck Scarf

Last year bandanas and neckerchiefs (when was the last time you heard that term?) started showing up during fashion week and also on some of the street-style stars and fashion bloggers.  If you aren't aware of this, trends that start with high fashion or during fashion week sometimes die off and never hit the real street (us). However, I have now been seeing neckerchiefs showing up around town and on the web. This is a trend that I absolutely love. I mean, is there anything more classic than a chic little scarf to add polish to a casual outfit?


I was particularly into scarves in the late 90's and actually kept most of them, so this trend is basically free for me (one time where my tendency to keep too much stuff has worked in my favor!) However, if you don't have pack rat tendencies like me, this one can still be yours for a pretty small investment. But take note: these scarves are not the large silk neck scarves of the 70's, nor are they the very large wool-type ones we've all been sporting the last few years. These are small, either an actual bandana, or around that size. It's a small knot, a small amount of fabric; nothing to overwhelm the wearer. I love the carefree, joie de vivre feeling that they add!

So chic! I love this, and no jewelry needed!

I think it's adorable with this dress.

Love how it looks with this casual outfit! It adds the right amount of polish while still being that effortless look we all love.

Cute, cute, cute!

Her scarf is tied a little looser, but I love this look. So French!

I will be digging out those 90's scarves of mine - this is my look for Spring/Summer of 2016! What do you think? Will you try the neckerchief? (You can always say "neck scarf" instead!!)


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