April 21, 2016

Friday Favorites - Tone on Tone

I've been wanting to write about some of the blogs and/or designers that inspire me for awhile now, so I thought for a change for today's Friday Favorites, I would share one of my absolute favorites, Tone on Tone. Tone on Tone is the blog written by antiques store owner and designer, Loi Thai. It features a lot of Swedish style furniture, collections and vignettes from his Maryland antique store of the same name, and photos from his (two!) stunningly designed houses. I was first made aware of Loi Thai through Joni Webb's blog, Cote de Texas, when she featured photos from his gorgeous home and Swedish antiques-filled shop. In addition to being a wonderful designer and antique store owner, Loi is also an incredibly talented gardener. His topiaries are legendary! He is also an avid collector; creamware, ironstone, architectural salvage pieces, and antique silver are some of the items he collects. I have featured photos from his house in several of my posts already, as he is such an inspiring designer and his mix of old and new, French and Swedish, speaks to me so clearly. If you have not seen his work yet, you are in for a real treat!

One of my all time favorite rooms! It is, quite frankly, perfect. Love that stunning antique mirror!

Vignettes are a specialty of Loi's. 

He frequently sells Swedish clocks in his store. I actually featured this photo recently when I posted about my love of Mora clocks here.

Love the mix of creamware in his (organized by color!) bookcases.

Another stunning vignette with topiaries flanking an antique mirror.

Some of Loi's amazing myrtle topiaries!

Another of my favorites! Love the antique botanicals!

His kitchen is wonderful! Love those amazing antique green pendant lights!

LOVE his dining room with the mix of light chairs and case pieces with the dark antique table!


If you haven't been to his blog already, I highly encourage you to stop by. You will be there for hours, there are so many gorgeous photos and wonderful posts about decor and gardening. Ironically, he is actually set to move and leave this beautiful historical home. He and his partner, Thomas, have sold the house of which many of the above photos are from, and are set to move. They've purchased a Castine cottage and will be renovating the entire thing (and I'm sure decorating it with style!) I for one can't wait to see what's in store!

To go to the Tone on Tone blog, click here
You can also find Loi on Instagram and Pinterest

Have a great weekend!



  1. What a wonderful weekend treat :) Thank you, Sheila, for your kind words! And for the feature. I'm so grateful and honored. I love your blog!

    1. You are so sincerely welcome Loi! Your talent is undeniable and you have such a unique vision, you deserve every accolade and acknowledgment you get!! Thank you to YOU for being such an inspiration to so many:)


  2. Love his style! I have had that picture of his dining room saved for inspiration for my own. Just gorgeous!

    1. Isn't it the best Shelley?! His dining room is one of my all-time favorites! Have a nice weekend!


  3. Sheila,
    Loi is a favorite of mine too. He's so talented and seems like such a nice guy as well. It's always fun to revisit rooms that he's put his mark on!

  4. Loi is so incredibly talented and one of the nicest bloggers in the blogosphere. He always inspires me. Thanks for featuring him!!

  5. Loi is so incredibly talented and one of the nicest bloggers in the blogosphere. He always inspires me. Thanks for featuring him!!

  6. What a beautiful feature, Sheila!!! Love Loi and his gorgeous style!


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