Spring Trend Forecast 2016

Each Spring I like to do a post on the biggest trends for the season. There is something so fun about getting a few new items to add some pep to your wardrobe! I try to focus on trends that I think will stay around longer, or will have more staying power, as I don't want to spend money on things that are only here for one season. And to that point, I also don't think you need to spend a lot on these trends. This is the time to shop the less expensive stores and not pay an arm and a leg. You'll have a few new things that make you feel more up-to-date and that freshen up your closet, but you haven't spent so much that you need to feel guilty if they don't last longer than a season or two. For basics and classic items that are true investment pieces, I do think it's worth spending more if you can afford it. (I wrote a post here on what to spend more on if you are interested).

Here we go! Best of Spring 2016......


This is a trend that had a previous life and is now having a re-birth. This style is very flattering on almost everyone, and like the cropped pants below, is very representative of Spring. Their carefree flouncy style is perfect with the warmer temps of the season. And, these will work through the entire summer as well!


I dedicated a whole post to these because I love them so much! (You can read about them here if you didn't already!) I just love the whole look of these, and they are such a refreshing change from years of skinny jeans. And is anything more indicative of Spring than a cute cropped pant?!


This jacket tried to surface last Spring but never really made it past the runways. Now it seems to have trickled down to the stores as I am seeing them everywhere! This is another item that is very versatile; it can go dressy or casual and be taken anywhere as the perfect "throw on" layer. Dressier than a jean jacket, but more casual than a blazer, it's the perfect in between. They come in all fabrics, weights, and styles, and literally every price point. I am still searching but this is something I'm definitely going to buy.


Another one that I dedicated a whole post to here. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it! The cropped jeans and now the neckerchiefs are two trends that I really like. Some seasons I am not at all excited by the trends, but this Spring, I am so inspired! And the scarf is so classic and chic. Literally, everyone can wear it, and best of all, it's a small investment for a big impact!


This might not seem like a trend, but trust me, it is! White sneakers are everywhere! It all started with the re-issue of the classic Adidas Stan Smith, but it could be a Superga, Adidas Superstar, or Keds. I've even seen them by DKNY. These are a true "tennis" shoe or sneaker style, not a proper athletic shoe, and everyone seems to be making their own version.

Happy Shopping!


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