Touch of Mod - an Update!!

If some of you have been following me for awhile now, you know that I did a post on adding just one piece of contemporary or modern furniture to an otherwise mostly antique room a few months ago (you can read the original post here). I had just purchased a side table from Wisteria and at the time, I was debating returning it and getting the coffee table version instead. Well, I did! And it finally arrived after months of back order. I am so happy that I made the decision to spend the money shipping the first one back. The coffee table is perfect! I love the white marble top, the size, and the pounded gold edges.

I absolutely love the way it has completely updated my room, with just this one small change. I feel like my living room had a mini face lift! It works with my new sofa table that I was also debating keeping (story of my life people!), as well as with the antiques that were already in the room. As I mentioned in that previous post, one piece can do so much for a room! I know this room still needs a lot of work, but I feel like these two pieces have already made such a difference. My living room really hasn't been updated in 15 years, so it's time.

Here's what we've done so far:

added two new tables (the Wisteria coffee table and the World Market sofa table)
added two chairs (purchased secondhand)
added roman shades on the living room windows (I've never had anything actually covering these windows - just drapes that were for decoration only!)  
new paint color on the walls (changed from a dark gold/beige to Muslin by Benjamin Moore)
some accessories changed out or added                                                                  

Here's what we have left to finish:

new carpet (yay!)
recovering the new (secondhand) chairs
new couch to replace the worn one we have now
new drapes to replace the faded ones there now
probably a few more new accessories either added, changed, or shopped from other rooms

I cannot wait to actually finish these last few things, especially the carpet. I'd love to get wood throughout as it's already in the other areas of the downstairs, but I think we've decided the expense is too much considering we may not stay here after the kids graduate, so we are going with wall to wall seagrass (you can read my post on that here!) I'm excited to finally finish a room that is long overdue for a "refresh" and will definitely post an update of the whole room when I'm done!

Have a great week!


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