Changes in the House - an Update!!

A friend of mine asked me why I don't share more of my own house here on the blog, and all I can say is, I guess I'm a little shy about it. It's not finished and is in so many stages of incompletion that I feel like I'd rather wait until it's all done. But she said people like to see the transition, and I know I like to see that in other people's homes, so today I'm sharing. I thought I'd start with the dining room as it is the most complete room in the house (that being a relative term!)

Here is what the dining room looks like today. I recently had the woven wood shades installed which I'd been wanting to do for many years. So far we've painted, installed the shades, purchased the new antique dining chairs and the reproduction chandelier, and added the two prints on the wall over the buffet.

Here is where it was a short two years ago! I absolutely hated that wall color from the moment we painted it and was thrilled when it was finally gone! The drapes are the same, I just removed the swags one night at around midnight in a spontaneous mood of "I can't look at those anymore"! The chairs here are mid-century modern hand-me-downs that I grew up with (ugh!) and why I had them so long I will never know. And of course the chandelier was way too small for the room.  At this point in time we had a mirror over the buffet, but there have been at least a half a dozen things on this wall over the years. (Excuse the photo, I'm obviously decorating for Christmas here but it was the only one I could find that showed this much of the room).

Below is just after I first purchased the antique chairs, had re-painted and added the chandelier. I also moved the mirror to the living room and moved this antique oil (which was originally in the family room) here. I think the lighter walls are such a huge improvement!!

And here we are today. The only new thing since the photo above are the prints. I still need to replace the drapes which are old and completely faded in spots, recover the seat cushions of the chairs, and find a new table. This table is actually quite small and it's hard to even fit six for dinner (not good when you like to entertain!) I'd also like to replace one (or both) of the dark pieces, but that may or may not ever happen. The buffet we inherited, and though I like it, it also needs refinishing and doesn't fit the space that well. Ideally, I'd like to move the buffet to the other side and get a larger piece for the wall where the prints are 
now. We will see....

My living room is the opposite of the dining room in that it feels like it still needs so much work. Here is where it stands today. It's been repainted the same color as the dining room (my whole downstairs is all very open so that whole floor is all the same color now). I've moved the mirror here as well as rearranged the art on either side of the fireplace. I also have a new coffee table and a new sofa table.

Here you can see both of the new tables much better, as well as the woven woods that were added.

Below is where this room was two years ago. (Apparently I only took photos of my house when I was decorating for Christmas!!) The swagged curtains are still here, as well as the darker gold/tan wall color. The art on either side of the fireplace was different, as well as the painting over it. Also, the couch was perpendicular to the fireplace, and though I love that the room is more open this way, it just doesn't work with the space I have. The piano throws off the symmetry of the room and so I think in this case I like the couch facing the fireplace a little better.

Here is an in-between stage. At this point the walls had been painted and the art over and around the fireplace had been changed, but not much else.

Another in-between that is close to what I have today. Since this photo I've added the two new tables and the shades.

And here we are today. I still need to replace the drapes, as well as the couch, and I'd like to change out the antique console that is on the left of the fireplace. The color is so red and I'm not a huge fan of it; I think there could be something so much prettier in that space. I'm also torn as to whether or not I should change the mirror to horizontal, though for now I'm keeping it vertical. And we also need carpet as this is 17 years old and very stained!! It's like dominoes - once you replace one thing, it all needs to go! But we're getting there.....

I was going to share the progress in the other half of the downstairs by showing you the family room and kitchen, but since I don't want to bore you with a hugely long post, I thought I'd save that for another day! Hope you've enjoyed seeing the transition of these two rooms. I'd love to hear your thoughts....


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