Friday Favorites - White Kitchens

I know, how original, right? I'm writing about white kitchens - hardly an earth shattering, can't-believe-those-are-trending topic! But my love for them is deep, and has never waned. In fact, I have always had a white kitchen. Yep, I've had three kitchens in my adult life that I've picked and/or remodeled myself, and all three have been white. I had one before they were in style, I have one now that they are "back," and I'm sure I will have one until the day I die. I may change other rooms' colors, and update accessories or furniture, but for me, a kitchen should always be white. I think it goes back to my childhood. My mom grew up on a farm and many summers we went back to where she grew up, where all four of her brothers and sisters still lived, and farmed. And all my aunts, and my grandmother, had what we would now call a "white farmhouse kitchen." My memories of those times are visceral. I can picture all three kitchens like it was yesterday. All three were white, but I'm sure it's not just that. Wrapped up in all that whiteness is the memory of family members all crammed around a table, laughing and talking and eating. Since I grew up in a small family of four, visiting houses full of cousins, where people ate roast chicken on week nights and indulged in homemade pies everyday, was heaven. There were even "farmhouse sinks" before I knew those had a name! And right now, I'm in the process of working with a client who is remodeling her kitchen from a dated, "Tuscan" style to a white one. And working with her has got me looking back at my Pinterest boards for ideas and inspiration. Anyway, they've been on my mind more than usual, and I've got to say, I never tire of looking at them!

This one is especially enchanting with its darling antique chandelier and checkerboard floors! Kitchen by Frank Babb Randolph

This is gorgeous! Love the oversized clock and the archways.

Adore that stunning range hood! 

This has always been a favorite, I don't know why. It's very simple, but I love it! By Frank Babb Randolph again.

Here they've added open shelving which is a great farmhouse touch. Breaks up all that white cabinetry, too.

A definite all-time favorite! The metal range hood, subway tile, dark wood floors, brass hardware and the cute rattan stools - so great!

By Suzanne Kasler - and can I say, all of her kitchens are stunning!

I love that a white kitchen mixes with any flooring, or accessories, or window coverings. And if you are worried about too much stark "whiteness" or that it will be too cold, you can warm it up. Wood floors and some color or texture are great for that, but one thing that I love in a white kitchen is brick.

Herringbone brick floors here (and an adorable chandy!)

Absolutely LOVE the brick backsplash! So wish I would've done it when I was considering it.

Wood beams work to warm it up too!

Sometimes homeowners or designers decide all white on every surface is too much, so they break it up. Either using two different counter surfaces, or even changing some cabinets or more commonly, an island, to a different color. I love this look!

Black island - love this!

Here a pretty blue island adds some contrast.

Dark wood island. Very pretty with the slightly lighter floors.

Here the island gets a dark honed granite or soapstone counter to contrast with the white marble on the other side.

The counter top on this island is butcher block - gorgeous! This kitchen has always been a favorite (I have the original tear out from when it was published over five years ago. Still timeless!)

I can't help it - I'm a white kitchen girl at heart!

Have a great weekend!!


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