Thoughtful Sunday - Fathers

I don't think I ever realized how important a father's role is in a child's life until I had my own children. My husband is such a wonderful father, and I feel so happy, and thankful, and lucky, that my children have him as their role model. What a blessing it is for them to have a man that not only does anything for them, but does so willingly. Who not only loves them, but likes them.  Who not only spends times with them, but wants to do so. Who not only teaches them about morals and ethics, but demonstrates those to them every day. Who not only lives for them, but would die for them.

Thank you honey, for all that you do for them. I am so thankful to be doing this thing called parenting with you. Not only would I never be able to do it without you, I wouldn't want to.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day spending it with the men in your life, whether that be a father, brother, husband, uncle, grandfather, or just a special man.


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