Friday Favorites - Tangerine Dreams

So, I'm not sure when I "warmed" to orange, but it might've been back when Jennifer Garner wore that gorgeous vintage orange dress to the Oscars one year. I mean, orange and formal are not two words you hear strung together very often!

Seriously, has orange ever looked this good?!

In the past, when I would see a lot of orange come summertime I would kind of just go right past it. And though I don't like a ton of orange (I don't love it next to my face), I think a touch of it looks so fresh in the summer! And listen, if you do look good in it, I say go for it. It is a quintessentially summery color and now is the time to wear it!

I love this and it looks so great on her (and I love that she mixed it with olive shoes!)

For me, I'm all about adding a touch of it in the summer. A little can go a long way, and still have the same overall effect.

It looks amazing combined with pale pink!

And an orange bag is adorable! I love the pop it adds to any outfit you put it with!

Orange is a natural mixed with blues and chambrays.

Like a red shoe, an orange shoe is a natural outfit "booster"!!

Just adore an orange flat!!

Perfect casual summer outfit!

Now when I'm looking at a shoe or a sweater or something and one of the choices is orange, I find myself gravitating to that one!

Happy Summer Friday!


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