Friday Favorites - Short Story

Dressy shorts. A contradiction in terms, right? However, I have seen them more and more in the last few years, and I must say, I'm a convert. Previously, I always thought of shorts as casual, and I really only wore them with flip flops or Converse. However, dressy shorts worn out at night with heels can be such a cute look! I admit, I am not a skirt wearing person for the most part, so I guess they speak to me. They are short (like a skirt) but way, way more comfortable. And sexy! They look great with a blouse, a blazer or a loose tank top. Heels are the way to go if it's an evening out, but for a dressy lunch or day event, they are really cute with flats as well. I think they are a great option when you are not sure how dressy an event will be and you are torn between a dress and pants. Obviously, they are not appropriate for some events (a wedding is one that comes to mind!) but for dinners out, drinks with friends, or a summer party, I think they are a great choice. I'm even seeing them on the red carpet! And for those of you who aren't comfortable in shorts, just go a little longer. Knee length or almost-to-the-knee shorts are adorable with heels, and no different than a skirt - only cuter!

Honestly, is this not the cutest?! Obviously, we can't see her shoes but I could see a heel with this for dinner out or dressier flats for a lunch date.

Here, she's wearing flats but the whole outfit is still elevated above the average cut-offs and tee. I can just imagine walking the streets of Rome or doing an afternoon of shopping in this outfit!

Ali Larter at a red carpet event. This is the outfit that sold me on dressy shorts!

Charlize Theron at another red carpet event. LOVE this!

Love this whole outfit!

Olivia Palermo who is possibly the Queen of Dressy Shorts! I found so many photos of her in them that it was hard to choose!

Here is a longer Bermuda style short worn with an adorable summer top and heels, and I think it's amazing! Change this top to something dressier and this could go out in the evening as well.

So chic!

Another outfit with a longer option. This whole outfit is perfect.

Could there be a cuter summer evening outfit?!

Happy Friday!


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