August 2, 2016

From Toddler to Teen

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to write a blog post for the online magazine, Holl and Lane. They wrote me inquiring about the re-do I had done of my daughter's bedroom, taking it from a toddler room to a teen room. And I was more than happy to oblige! If you aren't already familiar with Holl and Lane, it's an online magazine and blog, run by and written by women. They touch on all kinds of subjects; decor, food/recipes, parenting, health, and more. So I'm sharing with you the post that I shared with them.....

Awhile back,  my daughter had started to balk at the perceived "little girl-ness" of her room and was asking if we could re-decorate it. And I understood. As cute as her room was, it was painted a pale pink and filled with white "shabby chic" furniture, as well as floral bed linens and window coverings. Adorable for a 3-year old, not so adorable at 13! And though I was open to changing things to make her happy and to achieve a more appropriate look for her newfound maturity, I did have a few concerns. First, I had spent a fair amount on her custom window coverings and I wanted to work the new room around those rather than spend money changing them. Second, I wasn't willing to buy new furniture, so we needed to make the new decor work with what we already had. After talking to her to get an idea of what she wanted, I quickly realized that the white painted furniture would be fine, however, the floral (and expensive) roman shades, not so much! She wanted a black and white room, with a touch of hot pink as an accent. Hmm..... what to do about the "shabby chic" floral shades? After some discussion and back and forth, we decided to keep a pink palette, but to brighten it. She loved the "PB Teen" look, so that is what we tried to replicate. I realized that there was a fair amount of pink in her shades, so it actually worked with the brighter pink we brought in. We kept the bedding mostly whites, with a pop of hot pink. We also changed out some accessories and pared down a fair amount as she wanted a "cleaner" look. We ended up with a hot pink and white room, with just a few black and white accents. 

White and hot pink bedding: Pottery Barn Teen
Desk and chair: Home Decorators Collection (Martha Stewart Collection)
Bean Bag: Pottery Barn Teen
Lighted "M": Nordstrom
Black and white "chalkboard" signs: TJ Maxx and Home Goods
Chandelier: Lamps Plus
Nightstand: Home Goods
"Love" artwork: Pottery Barn Teen
Table lamp, book shelves, and bed: antiques
Roman shades: custom made

I think all in all, it turned out great. We do need to add a few more things, and we'd love to do something on the long wall over her bed, but for now, she's happy with the result. And as we all know:  a happy teenager =  a happy mom!

If you want to read more about Holl and Lane, you can go here, as well as my post, which is here. The magazine is published bi-monthly on the first of the month.


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