August 17, 2016

Room Re-do: Boy to Man

Last winter I decided, quite out of the blue, to re-do my college age son's room. Once I got into it, friends (and my husband) kept asking "Why are you spending money on a room for him when he may never be home permanently again?" And frankly, it did give me pause. Why was I spending money on a possibly temporary room? Well, to begin with, my younger son still had his furniture he had gotten when he was three years old, and needed new "big boy" furniture so it made sense to pass down my older son's existing furniture to him. But this left his room empty and since he does still come home, and it's also where guests stay, it needed to have something in it! So, I needed to find a way to re-do the room A) on a budget, because he was possibly never coming home permanently, and B) make it look masculine and adult, while not losing his personality. I wanted to make it feel like it was still his room, while also working as a pseudo guest room (it's the only "extra room" we have), and not spending too much. Quite a feat, actually! If I managed to do it on a budget, I'd be able to gift these items to him to take with him next year and then actually be able to decorate a real guest room! (But that's another post!) After all is said and done, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and I think he is too!

The first thing he needed was a new mattress and bed frame. I found this amazing metal headboard at Walmart!

He needed some kind of book shelf to hold some books and albums and things as he had lost a huge desk with a hutch. This small bookshelf from Home Goods filled the bill, and wasn't expensive. Plus I loved the dark grey color!

I mixed the grey plaid duvet with some grey and red pillow shams and a cute graphic pillow that I already had (always nice when something is free)!

The prints he found on Etsy and fell in love with so I ordered those and had them framed. 

Metal headboard: Walmart
Plaid duvet cover: Pottery Barn Teen 
Grey euro shams: Pottery Barn Teen
Red pillow sham: RH Teen
Graphic throw pillow: local boutique
Lamp, nightstand and bookshelf: Home Goods
Political Party prints (over bed): Etsy
Wall paint color: BM Revere Pewter
Dresser (not shown): Ikea



  1. It looks great!! I think it looks awesome for your college son and it doubles well as a guest room :) I'm jealous of your decorating skills! I want to redo my room but I'm not sure what I want quite yet!

    I just started following you on bloglovin and I would love a follow back on my blog!

    xo Nicole

    1. Thanks so much Nicole! I appreciate your kindness! And as for your room, you will figure it out! You just have to do a little Pinterest research and I'm sure your style will shine through.

      Thanks for the follow too!


  2. Looks wonderful. I like the grey stripe detail on the pull shade. The quote pillow is perfect and I love the grey, I have a grey guy too. Our boys, we can't help but adore them.

    1. Thanks so much Andi- I appreciate it so much!

      Have a great weekend!


  3. Sheila,
    It's very tailored and pulled together, perfect for a college age young man and/or guests. I love the look, maybe that's because I have sons and there is something appealing to me about a room with a slight masculine vibe. Nice job.

  4. I like this room - whether he is there are not you are there so you need to like it! I love all of the greys... including the sweet sleeping grey kitty.

  5. Beautiful room, Sheila! I can see this being an inviting space for guests as well as a welcoming space for your son to come home to. Love the fabrics and colors!


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