Friday Favorites - Heeled Loafers

I have an absolute crush on heeled loafers. It's one of those things where I saw them on Pinterest and on a few fashion blogs, and now I've become obsessed. They are so classic and chic - I'm so glad they've reappeared after being gone for awhile. I actually have an old brown suede pair that I adore. I bought them on sale, at a time when their popularity was waning, and because they have a heel and I had small kids and was living in yoga pants (!) back then, I never really wore them. But now that they are back, boy am I glad I kept them! They're timeless (I'm going to remind myself of that when they go "out" again so I don't make the mistake of getting rid of them) and oh-so-perfect for fall! I love all loafers, actually, the prepster in me can't get enough. But for some reason, the heeled ones are really speaking to me right now. Probably because they go so well with the cropped and frayed jeans that are so in (you can read my take on that trend here). So grab a coffee, get comfortable, and get ready to fall in love!

I mean, is this not the cutest casual outfit ever?! And there they are with those frayed, cropped jeans!

Another great outfit for a day out. And black is such a basic color to have them in.

Love them in metallic!

Love these!

So cute! Love that heel detail!

Apparently I need to own them in red!

So these are the ones that I fell in love with. Gucci suede loafers. Definitely an investment, and I'm sure something I would keep for the rest of my life. However,  since they aren't realistic for me right now, I thought I'd try to find some alternates that are equally (well, if we're being honest, almost) as cute!

And if you can splurge, one of these is sure to please!

Hope you have a great Friday!


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